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Directions and contact information to the courthouses located in New London County, Connecticut.
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Appellate Court
Directions to court

Judicial District Courthouse
95 Washington Street
Hartford , CT 06106
Judges' Secretaries: (860) 548-2828
Fax: (860) 757-2217


Chief Judge  
William J. Lavery  



Paul M. Foti  
Barry R. Schaller  
Joseph H. Pellegrino  
Anne C. Dranginis  
Joseph P. Flynn  
Thomas A. Bishop  
Tomas G. West  
Alexandra D. DiPentima  
C. Ian McLachlan  

Senior Judge

Sidney S. Landau  

CT Appellate Court

Chief Clerk
Michele T. Angers
Supreme Court Building
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Tel: 757-2200
Fax: 757-2217








Photo Courtesy of CT Judicial Branch